Streaming Reporting: SQL Change Data Capture (CDC) to Power BI

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Extending on my previous post about redirecting SQL CDC changes to Azure Event Hub, I have had a few people ask for details/options to stream SQL data into the Power BI API.

Specifically – they were looking for an easy method to leverage the ADD ROWS functionality of the Power BI API so they could push real-time data into a Power BI service dataset.

This method provides the ability to update the Power BI Dataset with new rows every few seconds, instead of a Power BI report having to either use Direct Connect or Scheduled data refresh capability which can be very limiting.

If interested in how the SQL CDC and Event Hubs work together, then read here from my previous post –

The purpose of this post is to quickly show how to extend and explore pushing new SQL data rows via Azure Stream Analytics into Power BI.

And so, lets get into some CDC to Power BI streaming action!

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Streaming ETL: SQL Change Data Capture (CDC) to Azure Event Hub

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I had a recent requirement to capture and stream real-time data changes on several SQL database tables from an on-prem SQL Server to Azure for downstream processing.

Specifically we needed to create a streaming ETL solution that …

  1. Captured intermediate DML operations on tables in an on-prem SQL database
  2. Transmit data securely and real-time into Azure
  3. Store the delta changes as TXT files in Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS)
  4. Visualise the real-time change telemetry on a Power BI dashboard (specifically the number of Inserts, Updates, Deletes over time).

The first part was easy; SQL has a feature called Change Data Capture (CDC) which does an amazing job of tracking DML changes to seperate system tables.  If you dont know about CDC then see here –

The second part wasn’t easy, and after some searching I came across this blog post by Spyros Sakellariadis which gave me inspiration and starter code for my streaming ETL solution.  Excellent post.  See here –

And so, the final architecture looks something like this…

The solution picks up the SQL data changes from the CDC Change Tracking system tables, creates JSON messages from the change rows, and then posts the message to an Azure Event Hub.  Once landed in the Event Hub an Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) Job distributes the changes into the multiple outputs.

What I found pretty cool was that I could transmit SQL delta changes from source to target in as little as 5 seconds end to end!

And so, lets get into some CDC to Event Hub data streaming action!

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New Bug: Change Data Capture (CDC) Fails after ALTER COLUMN

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EDIT #1: Fri 19 Jun 2015
We received confirmation the Microsoft Support Team the bug can be reproduced – however at this point in time they have confirmed that there will be NO FIX


EDIT #2: Thurs 02 Jun 2016 
Bug reproduced in
SQL Server 2016 (GA release).


EDIT #3: Sat 21 Oct 2017
Bug reproduced in SQL Server 2017 (GA release) (Windows)
(As at writing CDC is not supported on SQL 2017 Linux)

Unfortunately this issue now affects all SQL Server versions and patch levels from SQL Server 2008 to the current GA version.  


Please read below for methods to identify the issue and a work around.

This week we discovered a new SQL Bug that affects all SQL Versions from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2016 (GA Release).  The bug specifically affects the SQL Enterprise feature of Change Data Capture (CDC).  The bug is difficult to identify – however the article below outlines a method to replicate the bug, and a method to remediate it.

If you are not familiar with CDC then have a look here

The bug will occur when you change a data type from TEXT to VARCHAR(MAX) on a table that is marked for CDC, and you then update any row to push the LoB value off page (ie total row size exceeds the page size).  What makes this bug so damn sinister is that you could successfully do the table ALTER and then the problem will sit dormant till whenever you update that LoB column off page.

When the bug occurs it will manifest itself with a broken CDC Log Reader (ie SQL Agent CDC Capture Job) that will NOT move past a specific LSN.

Could not locate text information records for the column "MyColumn", ID 13 during command construction. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 18773)
The Log-Scan Process failed to construct a replicated command from log sequence number (LSN) {0038a7d9:000172d4:0010}.
Back up the publication database and contact Customer Support Services. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 18805)
Log Scan process failed in processing log records.

I have provided a SQL Script at the end of this post which you can use to replicate the error.

As of writing this post there is no fix yet available for this error.  I will post here again once it becomes available and how you can get it.

And so, lets get into the nitty gritty of how to reproduce and fix the error.

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