Implementing Partial Backups and Restores (via Leveraging Partitions)

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Continuing on with my Partitioning post series, this is part 5.

The partitioning includes several major components of work (and can be linked below);

  1. partitioning large existing non-partitioned tables
  2. measuring performance impacts of partitioned aligned indexes
  3. measuring performance impacts of DML triggers for enforcing partitioned unique indexes
  4. rebuilding tables that are already partitioned (ie. apply a new partitioning scheme)
  5. implementing partial backups and restores (via leveraging partitions)
  6. implementing partition aware index optimisation procedures
  7. Calculating table partition sizes in advance

This blog post deals with implementing partition aware partial backup and restore procedures.

I will blog about the other steps later.

And so, lets get into the nitty gritty of the partitioning details!

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